Ears Wide Open: Alex Bloom

Alex Bloom
Alex Bloom

L.A. native Alex Bloom’s two-year tenure as a “quiet” hit appears to be over, with 2019 poised for a loud arrival. In this time, the rising talent has added to a growing roster of accomplishments: singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, self-releasing his debut album “Blue Room” on the heels of graduating from USC’s Thornton School of Music. Yet, there’s still more. Bloom’s “Evanesce” was recently featured in the Netflix Original movie “Open House.”

His newest release “Elevator” leads his sophomore effort, set for release later this year. Bloom calls it “an existential elevator ride” that “feels like you’re driving in a 1960 Chevy Chevelle in the year 2200.” Despite citing the “Rock” preset of a “white Casio keyboard” as inspiration, it’s Bloom’s melodies and vocals that truly take the wheel. Falling somewhere between Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley (think “So Real,” not “Halleluja”), making sense as his previous offering “Blue Room” was recorded at New Monkey Studio. In “Elevator,” Bloom lets his range soar, though it never truly escapes the Kevin Parker-like haze.

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