Video: CAPYAC & Annabelle Maginnis, ‘Little Toes’

Annabelle Maginnis
Annabelle Maginnis

Stepping away from the duo MetronOhm for a bit, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Annabelle Maginnis has sought out new collaborators to explore the boundaries of electronic R&B.

In March, there was the finger-snapper “Hear My Mind,” followed early this month by the single “Steady,” featuring sonic free spirit Def Sound (aka Emmanuel Ricketts). And the final installment of Maginnis’ solo project “Free Debris” is “Little Toes,” a collaboration with funky, madcap Austin ex-pats CAPYAC, the current Monday night residents at the Echo.

CAPYAC is the musical partnership of Eric Paena and Delwin Campbell, and “Little Toes” emerged from a session at Campbell’s home studio. It’s the amalgamation of lyrics by the duo, Campbell’s keys and a melody that Maginnis added in the room. “The tune was inspired by a friend of Eric’s. She had just called him and told him that her baby was able to come home after a long stretch of premature incubation,” Maginnis says. “It spurred a conversation of the fragility of life itself. The song is essentially a poem celebrating human resilience and fragility and the desire to be close to one another.”

It’s a warm and inviting tune that’s brought to life in whimsical (and ambitious) fashion in the video directed by Lance Williams and conceived in collaboration with the trio. Filmed in Monterey, the video follows Maginnis emerging from an old military bunker dressed in white, traversing canyons and passing white-clad “extras” on the way to the ocean. There, the color palette turns to a vivid red as Maginnis’ fellow travelers come to life.

With costumes by Maginnis, balloon designs by Balloonski and set pieces and props by artist (and singer) Jess Joy, the mesmerizing video was a collaborative effort that involved some amount of improvisation during the shoot.

As in the song, there’s something affecting and even mystical going on. Marvel at it.

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