Video premiere: Mind Monogram, ‘Chasing Rabbits’

Mind Monogram
Mind Monogram


The brainchild of Edgar A. Ruiz (vocalist), Christian Caro (guitar), Bryan Mejia (drums) and Billy Azurdia (bass), Mind Monogram has been taking listeners on acid-dripping journeys across wild soundscapes since they released their first EP in 2015. A year after releasing the album “Ivory Hall,” Mind Monogram finally has new music to keep the mind-bending voyage going.

Their video for their new single “Chasing Rabbits” seems like a trippy head nod to Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android,” with existential cartoons and all. However, it’s through the filter of the L.A. quartet itself. Co-directed by Jon Shroyer and Mark Ashmore with animation by Tyler J. Downey, it stars Dane Troy and Janine Hogan (not to mention Cheeseburger the dog). It’s a dark, moody trip into the unconscious with a gentle melody to ease you into the darkness. “Losing lucid from my brain / Losing lucid feels so strange,” Ruiz sings, and ain’t that the truth.

||| Watch: the video for “Chasing Rabbits”

||| Live: Mind Monogram play La Santa in Santa Ana tonight, along with Wax Children and Daniel Ferrera. Info.