Ears Wide Open: Aushua, ‘Limbo’ EP


[Another installment in my new local music series …]

aushua-patrickrogersProbably the most exciting thing about Aushua’s new “Limbo” EP is knowing that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Santa Ana-based foursome has been working on a full-length album with producer Greg Doyle – a project that will be put on hold the next two months while Nathan Gammill and the brothers Newyear (Phil, Eric and Lee) mount a 35-date, cross-country tour. Expanding on the sound and themes of its first two EPs – which yielded singles in “Sister Saves” and “No Harm Done” – “Limbo” finds songwriter Gammill confronting big, existential issues in big, soulful anthems. It’s a promising step for guys with bigger visions.

||| Download: “Tuck (How It Feels Away)” – and if you missed their previous singles: “Sister Saves” and “No Harm Done”

||| Live: Aushua is joined by Red Cortez for a tour kickoff show Saturday night at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.

Photo by Patrick Rogers