Download: Oliver Future, ‘Gold Sparrow’



Whatever the future holds for Oliver Future, it’s safe to say the recent past has posed more than its share of challenges. A brief history: Oliver Future arrived in L.A. from Austin a few years back as a five-piece, full of moxie and glam-pop chops and a secret past as an amazing Led Zeppelin cover band. Their energetic live shows, local residencies and the release of 2007’s “Pax Futura” gave them some steam, but in 2008 things went sour when the band’s 1-2 punch in the rhythm section, Jordan Richardson and Jesse Ingalls, departed to join Ben Harper and Relentless7. Brothers Noah and Josh Lit and Sam Raver forged ahead as a trio, making a new album “In the Event of Moon Disaster” with L.A.-based producer Adam Lasus. Now as the new album emerges – it’s a musically virtuosic but slightly uneven slab of prog-pop with more than a few veiled references to band drama – the Lit brothers face another disaster: Raver is moving back to Austin. Which makes tonight’s gig at the Bootleg Theater a bit of an occasion. “As for me and Josh, we have no idea what’s next,” Noah Lit said in an e-mail. “We’d love to send Sam (and Oliver for that matter) off in style.”

||| Download: “Gold Sparrow”

||| Live: Oliver Future celebrates its album release with a show tonight at the Bootleg Theater, with London to Tokyo supporting.

Photo by Sidney McMullen