Download: Colour Revolt, ‘8 Years’


If a little turmoil helps the creative juices to flow, Mississippian indie-rockers Colour Revolt should be the most prolific band around. The lead track from their sophomore album “The Cradle” documents a stormy eight years of existence – record company indifference, destabilizing lineup changes, the incessant rattling of skeletons in the cupboard, the friction. Jesse Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick are still standing. “We fell apart.” says Coppenbarger. “We felt that no one was representing us but us. We lost some brothers, survived and came out feeling we could do this on our own, and better. ‘The Cradle’ will prove that.” “8 Years” is a chunk of spluttering invective, spat out over hammering drums and a chiming lead line. Harness that negative energy, boys. Use it wisely.

||| Download: “8 Years”

||| Live: Colour Revolt plays Friday at the Bootleg Theater.

– By Keith Shackleton