Download: Parson Red Heads, ‘Burning Up the Sky’


The Parson Red Heads are back. No, not in Los Angeles – their base for five years and home to some of their most devout fans – but back on the musical landscape. Less than a year after relocating to Portland, Ore., Evan Way and bandmates today announced they have signed with indie imprint Arena Rock Recording Co., which will release their new album “Yearling” on Aug. 16. “Yearling,” recorded with Raymond Richards at L.A. Red Rockets Glare studio and with the dB’s legendary Chris Stamey in Chapel Hill, N.C., represents “a big step for us,” Way says. And on first listen, it’s true: The Red Heads’ sanguine psych-folk crackles with jangling guitars and gorgeous harmonies and unbridled honesty; the first single “Burning Up the Sky” typifies the band’s gimmick-free approach – classic songwriting, deftly executed.

||| Live: The Parson Red Heads play June 29 at the Echo.

||| Download: Stream “Burning Up the Sky” below, and after the jump, trade your e-mail for a download of the song: