Ears Wide Open: Geoff Geis


Geoff Geis‘ quirky baritone is familiar if you’ve ever attended any Pizza! or Big Whup shows around town. His spastic dance moves while playing guitar (reminiscent of Alec Ounsworth) have endeared him to many a fan. But for the last half of 2010, Geis funneled his enthusiasm into an album’s worth of solo material. The results are being presented as “Princess,” a record (and also a cassette) appropriately setting aside the punk and cranking out the pop via kaleidoscopic electronica. Songs such as “Where Have You Been (All My Life)?” is most likely the most subdued melody we’ve heard Geis sing, but the simplicity of both rhythm and sentiment serve as a nice foil to tunes such as “Mother of All” and its clever cynicism. Released on his own label, Vanity Projects, guests on “Princess” include members of Moses Campbell and Tyler Sabbag of Pizza!, and it isn’t all fluffy and pretty. However, it is 24 minutes of charmingly textured pop that could easily bring robots and synth-heads together.

||| Download: “Where Have You Been (All My Life)?”

||| Also: Grab “Mother of All”, another track off of “Princess.”

||| Live: Geoff Geis plays July 29 at Pehrspace with Body Parts, Masxs and Touche.