Premiere: 2 Hearts and Chemicals, ‘Coming Home’


There’s no doubt that 2 Hearts and Chemicals share vital organs and musical chemistry. What they don’t share is proximity – the band is a collaboration between Pennsylvania boyhood pals Eli Lhymn (who lives in Los Angeles) and Stephen Biebel (who lives in New York City). Their new EP, “Coming Home,” was made long-distance, in separate studios, but thanks to today’s technology, you’d never know it. The music nods to the heavier synth-rock of the ’80s, British shoegazers of the ’90s and the ambient soundscapists of today, at once dreamy and unsettling and cinematic. Lhymn, who played guitar for Helen Stellar, says that despite the geographical challenges, “I wanted to work with someone I have a significant history with … This just feels like the right direction, and Stephen [who plays in the Brooklyn band Merrickans] is a brilliant singer and lyricist.” On the EP’s Cocteau Twins-y title track, Tiff Randol lends some background vocals.

||| Download: “Coming Home”