Video: Jail Weddings, ‘Somebody Lonely’


If we had to choose an anthem for singles during last call, Jail Weddings‘ track, “Somebody Lonely” would be a likely candidate.  With lyrics such as “Gonna find somebody lonely tonight” and “somebody I don’t even know,” it aches desperation, but Gabe Hart and his crew have found yet another way to brighten soul-troubling anecdotes with their mash-up of doo-wop and garage rock. Going strong with their aim towards releasing a new music video for each track off of the album, “Love Is Lawless” (there are 13 tracks altogether), the setting in this Lauren Everett-directed and fifth clip may look familiar to local music showgoers and Eastsiders. The Satellite somehow looks more spacious with a layer of gold on stage and only odd couples on dance floor, too.