Download: Harper Blynn, ‘Bound to Break’


Harper Blynn is no doubt an alternative rock band, but the Brooklyn quartet does a fine job of peeling away the narrow, rough connotation that often accompanies the label. Guitars roar and the drums are a driving force in their songs, but folk influences from their initial days as a duo consisting of Peter Harper and Jason Blynn have also crept into rock for their current sound with band members Sarab Singh and Whynot Jansveld. Their debut album “Loneliest Generation”  – produced by David Kahne (Paul McCartney, the Strokes) – boasted four-part harmonies alongside hooks that balance the grit and pop, but their self-titled EP is where they’ve stepped it up a notch. Newer tracks such as “Bound to Break” is melodic rock that is sentimental but powerful. As Blynn sings “I know you’re breaking down / You’ll make it through / But I can’t do it for you” while the guitar sweetly riffs, his sincerity is palpable.

||| Stream: “Bound to Break”

||| Live: Harper Blynn continues their residency tonight, Nov. 2 and Nov. 9 at the Hotel Cafe, and plays Nov. 14 at Bardot as part of It’s a School Night.