Ears Wide Open: In The Valley Below


There is no doubt that Sabrosa Purr is one of the most-shredding rock bands around L.A., but it’s interesting to see its members try new sound palettes and continue exploring. In addition to Mahsa Zargaran’s project Omniflux, fellow band members Angie Mattson and Jeff Mendel have also been making music together as In the Valley Below. On their new five-song EP, which bears the same name as the band, electro-pop takes on various veneers as “Take Me Back” is a dark, steadily syncopated ballad and “Palm Tree Fire” spins around in psychedelia. Produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Explosions in the Sky), In the Valley Below’s offer is full of moody synthesizers, however, their new sound is also accompanied by a slight mystery that has us on our toes.

||| Stream: “Take Me Back”