Popular With Me 2011: Buzz Bands LA’s favorite local songs of the year (today on Moheak.com)


There is a lot of music in and around Los Angeles. No, really. The Buzz Bands LA staff just completed a darned-near-comprehensive glossary of local music we covered in 2011, and I invite you to check it out. It amounts to about one local band per day. And there is probably more music buried in our mail somewhere, stuff that we simply did not have the time to address. We try.

So it is with the best of intentions and a high quantity of caffeine that today Buzz Bands LA begins its annual Popular With Me local music countdown on Moheak Radio. Over the next few weeks, I will count down my favorite 100 local songs of 2011, a year that brought some exciting music from new artists and exhilarating tunes from established ones. Tune in, rock out.

After the jump, the list:

Week 1 countdown
100. Voxhaul Broadcast, “Broken Nerve”
99. Caught a Ghost, “Sleeping at Night”
98. Maxime Sokolinski, “Feels Like”
97. Light FM, “Mercy”
96. Olin & the Moon, “Repeat”
95. Miracle Parade, “Son Son (Son)”
94. The Submarines, “Birds”
93. Arrica Rose & the …’s, “Nothing Nada Nothing”
92. The Ross Sea Party, “Broken Arrows”
91. Rademacher, “They Are Always Into That”
90. yOya, “Lovers On”
89. Post War Quartet, “Contemporary Nightmare”
88. Two Guns, “Happening”
87. Mia Doi Todd, “My Baby Lives in Paris”
86. Liquid Love Letter, “Everyone Said”
85. Abandoned Pools, “In Silence”
84. Davis Fetter, “Euphoria”
83. Minutes ’Til Midnight, “Medicate or Stimulate”
82. The Lonely Wild, “Out of My Mind”
81. David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels, “Paint the Town”
80. Little Brutes, “Do It All Again”
79. The Airborne Toxic Event, “All I Ever Wanted”
78. Judson McKinney, “People Grow Up So Slow”
77. The Janks, “Hands of Time”
76. Nightmare & the Cat, “The Missing Year”
75. Imperial Mammoth, “Eyes”
74. Jonathan Wilson, “Ballad of the Pines”
73. Monstro Flora, “21”
72. If By Yes, “You Feel Right”
71. Electric Flower, “Four16”
70. Hands, “Warm Night Home”
69. Tennis System, “Arcane”

… and more to come next week …