Premiere: The donnies the amys, ‘Boxer + Clover’


When we last spotted Amy Wood, she was making racket on the port side of Big Black Delta’s two-female-drummer arsenal. That was just the last sighting, of course; she also commands the kit for White Sea, All Wrong and the Plans Change, the Broken Remotes, Lonely Trees and … aw, this’ll give you a good idea of her resumé. Her latest project with her bandmate from the Outdoors, Donnie Stemp, looks like a boatload of fun. Stemp and Wood are going by the capitalization-challenged, conjunction-less moniker the donnies the amys, and they debut with a video for “Boxer + Clover.” It’s on their self-recorded debut album currently being mixed and mastered by the drummer’s father, John Wood. The donnies the amys plan to release the album Dec. 31, in case your year-end list is belated.