Premiere: 2 Hearts and Chemicals, ‘Cathedral’


Talk about stretching out: The bi-coastal collaboration doing business as 2 Hearts and Chemicals is yielding a sound as big as the land. The forthcoming album from Eli Lhymn, the L.A.-based songwriter who played guitar for Helen Stellar, and boyhood pal Stephen Biebel, who lives in New York City, picks up where their 2011 EP “Coming Home” left off, embracing the electronica of the ’80s and the shoegaze and dream-pop of the ’90s and shaping it into something cinematic. The first song to emerge from the album, “Cathedral,” recalls Glasvegas in all the Scottish band’s arching drama, as well as earlier purveyors of swoon-worthy ambience like the Cocteau Twins. Can’t wait for the movie.

||| Stream: Download (this week only): “Cathedral”

||| Live: 2 Hearts and Chemicals join the New Division, Y LUV and Facts on File at TRAFFIC CTRL on Feb. 2 at the Airliner. They also play a support set Feb. 1 at the Satellite.

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