Ears Wide Open: You Me & Us


What would happen if Rilo Kiley were just starting out amid today’s garage-rock surge? Well, they would sound a lot like Bermuda Dunes-based band You Me & Us. They may call their genre of music “dog pop,” and they may not have a single song over 2 minutes 30 seconds on their “Paperweights” EP, but guitarist and lead vocalist Carlee Hendrix sings with an inflection that is eerily reminiscent of a young Jenny Lewis (especially on “Off Pudding,” which is barely a minute long). Drummer Ignacio Caniza and bassist Joseph Goode also help Hendrix round out a sound that easily flashes a listener back to the days of “Take Offs and Landings.” You Me & Us list “pizza and Aaron Carter” as their influences (in addition to dogs, of course), so here’s to beginnings. Woof.

||| Download: “Steve Holt!” or grab their “Paperweights” EP in its entirety on Bandcamp.

[audio:http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmnqznnqr8dp855/You Me & Us_Steve Holt!.mp3]

||| Live: You Me & Us do not have any upcoming L.A. dates, but are currently on a North American tour.