Ears Wide Open: Wildcat! Wildcat!


Wildcat! Wildcat! has their name wrong. It should be Wildfire! Wildfire!, because that’s how quickly the Los Angeles trio’s first two singles have spread across the Internet. The pop concoctions of Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael, friends since they were teenagers, fall squarely onto the plate of today’s now-fashionable indie R&B – lush melodies, falsetto vocals, arching harmonies, all done produced with admirable restraint. There’s nothing minimalist about the emotional uplift of their two singles, though … and you might feel even better if you can figure out what the twitchy, MGMT-meets-Active Child “Mr. Quiche” is actually about. An EP is on the way, the band says. For now, enjoy the candy.

||| Download: “End of the World Everyday” and “Mr. Quiche”

||| Live: Wildcat! Wildcat! plays March 14 at the Central SAPC in Santa Monica.

Photo by Taylor Woods/Clothesline Photographers