Ears Wide Open: Oren Lyons


If the orchestral sweep at the beginning of “Forever Found” doesn’t make your heart skip, the rest of the song’s labyrinthine 4 1/2 minutes – with its restless rhythms, arching strings and ascensive vocals – will send it into overdrive. The song is the first outing for the L.A. sextet Oren Lyons (ostensibly named for the Native American rights advocate). The band took shape early this year when songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui Linev (whom we last spotted playing in the Lonely Trees) teamed up with guitarist/producer Peter Potyondy and singer Kristianne Bautista. “It began as an effort to fuse classical minimalism and experimental soup within a more accessible sonic environment,” Linev says, but with the addition of violinist Dannon Rampton, bassist Ian Anderson and drummer Randy Wagner, Oren Lyons quickly outgrew the initial vision. The sextet has an album on the way; for now, “Forever Found” will find a place in the hearts of rock sophisticates.

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