Download: The Record Company, ‘Superdead’ EP


Of the recent wave of young artists exploring vintage music, few pull off the blues with such aplomb as L.A. trio the Record Company. Singer-guitarist Chris Vos’ sublime vocals (and his aw-shucks attitude) and the tight rhythmic backing of Alex Wood and Marc Cazorla only tell part of the story – there’s a timelessness, and even effortlessness, to the songcraft on their debut EP “Superdead,” now available for free download. It’s as if these tunes have been around forever. The threesome has won fans everywhere they’ve played, most memorably at the Silver Lake Jubilee [that’s Vos, pictured above] when they did an a extra fill-in set on the main stage. They’re bound to win more.

||| Download: The Record Company, “Medicine Man”

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||| Also: Get the whole “Superdead” EP in exchange for your email address on Bandcamp.

Photo by Laurie Scavo