Stream: Soft Swells, ‘Summer’


So how’s your summer going? Great? Well, this will make it even better. Soft Swells – whose bright self-titled debut album gave everybody a head start on the summertime vibe when it was released back in February – have unveiled a new single. “Summer” sounds like a classic the moment Tim Williams picks the first guitar notes. Like the tunes on Soft Swells’ album, there’s a wistful yet optimistic feel to Williams’ seasonal ode.

“I don’t want this summer / to ever end,” Williams sings. Same goes for this song, which will be available as a digital single with a new tune from Miracle Parade, “1994.”

||| Stream: “Summer”

||| Live: Soft Swells plays the Buzz Bands LA Stage in the Champagne Room at Taix on Saturday night as part of Echo Park Rising.

Photo of Soft Swells at SXSW by Scott Dudelson