Download: The Jigsaw Seen, ‘Open Up the Box Pandora’


Long-running SoCal classic rock quartet the Jigsaw Seen have it down – not a formula, mind you, but a distinct knack for finding gold in the rivers and streams of pop that you’d think would have been played out by 2012. The foursome’s forthcoming album “Gifted” (due Nov. 20) follows 2011’s “Winterland,” a concept album that saw the Jigsaw Seen matching the pop mastery of their best work, 2000’s “Zenith.” On “Gifted,” the quartet of singer Dennis Davison, guitarist Jonathan Lea, bassist Tom Currier and drummer Teddy Freese raise the bar even higher, with shrewd excursions into garage-rock, psych-pop and glam. Twentysomethings may recognize influences from the dads’ record collection; they may even recognize some of the craft to which their contemporaries aspire. I’d like to think “Open Up the Box Pandora” refers in some way to the online music service. Or it could just be four guys who know what they’re doing having a blast, one wailing on a harmonica.

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Photo by Jessica Andrade