Videos: IO Echo, ‘Eye Father’ and ‘Stalemate’


Just in time to celebrate their self-titled EP (out today), members Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross offer two brand new Benjamin Millepied-directed clips for “Eye Father” and “Stalemate,” two track off of their current full-length “Ministry of Love.” Millepied, choreographer of film “Black Swan” and husband to actress Natalie Portman, combines Japanese theater and urban American landscapes for the first clip by placing a lone but elegant Kabuki dancer in various L.A. locales. It’s a slow beautiful watch and fitting for IO Echo’s dramatically rich dynamics. The second clip also features the City of Angels as his backdrop. Shot entirely on Super 8 mm film, the haunting video features Gika and Ross constantly missing each other to reflect a relationship that has grown apart but still holds possibility. Their record “Ministry of Love” is out now via IAMSOUND Records.

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