Download: United Ghosts, ‘Unhypnotized’


The first song from United Ghosts, last fall’s “Holes Into the Night,” bore only traces of Madchester edginess of singer-guitarist Axel Steuerwald’s great but lamentably overlooked work in Mere Mortals. Owing to the new collaboration with singer-bassist Sha Sabi, United Ghosts conjures up the specters of the dreamier shoegazers of that era. “Unhypnotized,” a delirious cocktail of woozy guitar, boy/girl vocals and haunting echo, is much more Lush or Curve than Primal Scream. United Ghosts are working on a full-length, and like the white-clad party-goers in the video for “Unhypnotized” maybe everybody will snap out of it in time to pay attention.

||| Download: “Unhypnotized”

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||| Live: United Ghosts play tonight at the Bootleg, opening for the Ross Sea Party (who are celebrating the release of their album “Hotel Pool”).