Gallery: Nick Waterhouse, Blood Orange and Fool’s Gold at Converse Rubber Tracks’ party at the Satellite


Nick Waterhouse-15

With the Grammys on the horizon, there certainly wasn’t a shortage of star-studded lineups for any shows on Friday night. But the Converse Rubber Tracks live event put on by Filter at the Satellite was on the top of many people’s list: L.A.’s own Fool’s Gold played an unbelievable set for a house that was already packed by 9 p.m.; Dev Hynes impressed L.A. again with his R&B electronica as Blood Orange (including doing some Solange and Sky Ferreira covers); and Nick Waterhouse celebrated his birthday in style with a full band to flesh out his retro-soul arrangements. Now if only the Grammys could be as enticing.

Photos by Kelsey Heng