Download: Warships, ‘Flash Flood’



The first proper EP from Warships’ is so bright and propulsive it’s hard for us to sit still. When the SoCal quintet first brightened our mood last May, they had an album finished and seemingly ready for release, but things apparently take time. “Shadows,” produced by Raymond Richards, came out this week, with Eric Chirco, Edson Choi, Elliot Craig, Timothy Pai, and John Ransom Tucker making a strong case to be your next indie-pop favorites. Melodically rich, gorgeously atmospheric and insistently groove-heavy, Warships’ material will appeal to fans of the Shins and Local Natives and anybody who appreciates the simple pleasures of a lyric like “Heaven’s no place for me now / heaven’s just you and me now,” from the title track. Twenty minutes of exuberance.

||| Download: “Flash Flood” and the whole “Shadows” EP on Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis (for a limited time)

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||| Live: Warships play It’s a School Night at Bardot on Monday.