Ears Wide Open: Banks



No relation to Paul. No relation to Azealia. No relation to Banksy. This Banks is named Jillian, and she’s the latest addition to the roster IAMSOUND Records (IO Echo, Lord Huron). About a month ago, the L.A. native released a bloodletter of a single titled “Before I Ever Met You,” which has attracted tens of thousands of spins and a dark remix by Vienna-based artist SOHN. And that was the B-side. Her newest electronic incantation is “Fall Over,” also a result of her sessions with producer Jesse Rogg. Amid temple-pounding synth tones, slippery effects and meticulously crafted arrangements, Banks demonstrates a vocals range that touches on both the sensual and shrill. There’s more on the way – in the near future, Banks hopes to be collaborating with some other writers and producers. Meet the new soul, not quite the same as the old soul.

||| Stream: “Fall Over,” “Before I Ever Met You” and the S O H N remix of “Before I Ever Met You”: