Coachella 2013: Deap Vally, down a familiar road



Who: Deap Vally in the Mojave Tent
In 3 or Fewer Words: Whatever sells, baby.
Memorable Because: I’ve seen Julie Edwards play with her other band, the Pity Party, about a dozen times and this was the first I’ve seen her drum with both hands. Edwards is a serious drumming talent, almost to the detriment of all her collaborators; Lindsey Troy sings and plays guitar in this Chick Zepplin duo, but it barely mattered who filled that role. The Pity Party is a great curiosity of an art-rock band; Deap Vally its black-hatted twin. Similarities to the White Stripes and Black Keys are obvious, and schticky costumes favoring the female form practically begged the listener not to listen too closely. But Deap Vally already has an contract with Island Records, a new EP “Get Deap!” and plenty of sizzle in the U.K., so, coming soon to a radio station near you.
What I’d Tell The Coachella Camping Populace: You guys do realize there is more shade inside the festival at noon than in all the camping grounds? May as well go hear some music, folks.
– Ben “Mouse” McShane