Download: Touché, ‘Bad Dreams’



Considering their resumés, it is no surprise that Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore – collaborating as Touché – have transcended garden-variety electro on their first album “It’s Fate.” Inscore has played with the likes of Beck, Thurston Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg and, most recently, Twin Shadow (his solo album shouldn’t have been overlooked, either). And Lilly, whose voice has been heard in the Bird and the Bee and the Living Sisters, set the bar high with her pop project Obi Best. With its wickedly syncopated beats and spry melodies, Touché’s “It’s Fate” (due May 1) manages to be as brainy as it is sexy – a playful excursion for sophisticates ready to venture beyond been-there, done-that ’80s disco and, serenaded by Lilly’s airy vocals, flirt with something else.

||| Stream: “Bad Dreams” and “Shhh! It’s Quiet Time”

||| Live: Touché celebrates its album release with a show May 10 at the Echoplex, along with Evan Voytas, Captions and a DJ set from Nite Jewel.

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Photo by Evan Lane