Premiere: yOya, ‘I’ll Be the Fire’


Yoya_David Morrison

yOya, the L.A. duo comprised of Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich that concocts songs boasting sweet soaring harmonies and stimulating electro-pop beats, has left us smitten again with the latest single off their forthcoming EP “Go North.” Following up last year’s “Nothing to Die” album, songs like “I’ll Be the Fire” showcase the duo’s feel-good falsetto and folk-pop buildups. Although the track is about a tragic L.A. wildfire in 2009, it radiates a particularly positive disposition. Dietterich says of the burning image: “It made an impression on me, and the song takes that destructive power and relates it to the constructive power of two people who have chosen to trust each other. It’s about the wildness you experience when you make that leap.” “Go North” is slated for a July 16 release via New Professor Music.

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||| Live: yOya kicks off its West Coast tour May 7 at the Satellite.