Video: Deap Vally, ‘Baby I Call Hell’


No sooner had L.A.-based duo Deap Vally spent a little time back home – their debut EP “Get Deap” came out in early April and they rocked afternoon sets at Coachella’s dual weekends – than their music resurfaced in the U.K. to soak up some more of the Brit love that has made them fast risers across the pond. The blues rager “Baby I Call Hell” earned plaudits as BBC Radio 1 tastemaker Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record” this past week, and the duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards announced that their debut full-length “Sistrionix” would be out June 24 in the U.K. The album won’t hit in the U.S. until September, though, which will follow a series of American festival dates.

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