Video: Cillie Barnes, ‘Brainwash’


Not to obsess, but Cillie Barnes’ single “Brainwash” possesses about everything you’d want in a pop song, except maybe an easy way to categorize it. Razor-sharp lyrics, alternately sung and rapped (reminiscent of the Neighbourhood), a spry melody, a rhythm you’d imagine crowds could bounce along with – the woman behind the Cillie Barnes persona, Vanessa Long, is calling it “gyp-hop,” a fusion of hip-hop, folk and gypsy pop. This song, along with the tune that introduced her, “Hey Hi,” will appear on Barnes’ “Happy Valley” EP, out later this year. So here’s the nice video for “Brainwash.” Not to obsess.

||| Live: Cillie Barnes plays May 28 at the Echo with DIIV, Bad Suns and Harper Blynn.

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