Stream: The Janks, ‘Every Man for Himself’



In name, the Janks have been around since Gnarls Barkley was the next big thing. But names can be deceiving, and there’s a reason the Los Angeles quartet has titled its new EP “Meet the Janks.” Originally the vehicle for singer-guitarist Zachary Zmed, the Janks got on the radar in 2009 with their second full-length “Demon Dance” and, with Zachary’s brother Dylan on board, built on that momentum with 2011’s follow-up, “Hands of Time.” Ups, downs and lineup changes saw the pair performing as the Brothers Zmed until last year, when they were joined by bassist Paul Kilmister (yes, Lemmy’s son) and drummer Leon LeDoux. So … meet the Janks, not quite the same as the old Janks. The six-pack of songs on their new EP are taut affairs, abiding the Zmeds’ classic-rock sensibilities while not just sticking to a template or, as it turns out, succumbing to the hands of time.

||| Stream: “Every Man for Himself”

||| Live: The Janks continue their August residency tonight at the Satellite, supported by Irontom, Tijuana Tears and the Absolute.