Ears Wide Open: The Ten Thousand



As many of you know, there’s more to college than just, well, college. So L.A. quintet the Ten Thousand made the most of its time at UCLA. The band – Kevin Moultrie, Dylan Robin, Garrett Harney, Satoru Yamamoto and Nathan Kersey-Wilson – is kicking up dust by making high-energy rock that’s somewhere between what you heard on the radio in 1996 and the indie-rock that was too good to make the radio in 1996. Their pummeling rhythms and shout-along choruses were on full display on their “Nobody Gets Hurt” EP (and a new EP, “Nausea” is in the works for this fall). Beyond advancing their own cause, the Ten Thousand earlier this year curated “DO UCLA!? Vol. 1,” a digital compilation of what’s happening in Westwood that included tracks from Alto, Kian, Nick Valenti and Owl Fly South. Rock ’n’ roll spirit, meet school spirit.

||| Stream: “Fight Inertia” and download the entire “Nobody Gets Hurt” EP on Bandcamp.

||| Download: “DO UCLA!? Vol. 1” on Bandcamp.

||| Live: The Ten Thousand headline the Bootleg Bar tonight, supported by Decorator.

||| Also: After the jump, check out the video for “Fight Inertia”