Stream: Wildcat! Wildcat!, ‘Garden Grays’


Wildcat Wildcat

With only a few singles floating around within the last year, Wildcat! Wildcat! fans have had to put those songs on repeat. That is, until now. The L.A.-based electro-soul trio announces the release of their self-titled debut EP along with a brand new song titled “Garden Grays.” “It’s all on the table,” they sing with an R&B undertone as the track shimmers with synths floating as high as their falsettos do. Downtown Records, who grabbed what was on the table, is slated to release Wildcat! Wildcat!’s EP on Sept. 10.

||| Stream: “Garden Grays”

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||| Live: Wildcat! Wildcat! plays Oct. 17 and 18 at the Trouabdour.