Gallery: Jenny O., In the Valley Below, Body Parts and roaming critters at the Skirball’s ‘Into the Night’


jenny o_skirball_8.30.13_001

The folks at the Skirball Cultural Center weren’t kidding Friday night when they subtitled the latest in their “Into the Night” music series “The Wild Side.” Besides sets from three of L.A.’s indie-rock finest – Jenny O., In the Valley Below and Body Parts – fans at the Skirball’s end-of-the-summer bash got a meet-and-greet with a host of roaming animals brought to the event by the rescue organization Zoo to You. Was that a porcupine on a leash? Yes. Can we pet the bobcat? Sure. Is that a lemur on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me? Along with the Skirball’s other offerings, such as the Noah’s Ark exhibition, craft night and the conveniently located bars, it made for a night of giddy critters. Later, gator.

Photos by Laurie Scavo

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