Stream: Goldroom, ‘Embrace’



It’s been two years since Goldroom – Josh Legg – released the “Angeles” EP, but a lot of things have changed for Goldroom since then. He released the summer hit of 2012 with “Fifteen” and climbed up the Hype Machine charts once more with the release of “Only You Can Show Me,” proving his talents could entice listeners into appreciating his love for ’80s sheen and flirty disco beats  Legg also took Goldroom from a laptop DJ act to a full band on the road when he recruited singer/keyboardist Mereki Beach (Peacocks) and drummer Nick Sandler (Chasing Kings). Goldroom’s new single and title track of his latest EP once again pumps up the summer vibes. Featuring Aussie folk-pop singer Ariela Jacobs on vocals, “Embrace” is an appropriate tune for these last warm days. Goldroom’s self-released “Embrace” EP is out now.

||| Stream: “Embrace”

||| Previously: “Only You Can Show Me,” “Fifteen,” “Morgan’s Bay”

||| Live: Goldroom plays Oct. 5 at the Troubadour.