Video: In the Valley Below, ‘Peaches’


It’s been almost a year since In the Valley Below dropped its electro-flavored slice of nostalgia titled “Peaches,” which has led to a fruitful few months for the L.A. duo doing business as Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail. Today they release their debut EP, “Peaches,” for Capitol Records, and fans of ITVB’s brooding synth-rock will be happy to know there’s more beyond the single. “Stand Up” is a shout-along rocker; “Dove Season” is a dreamy two-headed meditation; and “Neverminders” is a slow-burner along the same lines as the title track. Also new today: ITVB’s “American Gothic”-esque video for “Peaches.” Keen.

||| Stream: “Stand Up”

||| Live: In the Valley Below opens for White Lies on Oct. 10 at the El Rey Theatre.

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