Ears Wide Open: The Royal Oui



There’s never been any shortage of music in the Adrienne PierceAri Shine household: Vancouver native Pierce has released four-albums-plus of retro-mini epics known to fans of TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Veronica Mars” and beyond; Shine’s songwriting chops have shone on his solo releases (including last year’s “Songs of Solomon”) and his work as a composer. The husband-and-wife duo have collaborated before, but not under a band moniker until now, when the sometimes-L.A.-based couple decided to make music (and puns) as the Royal Oui. Their first 7-inch, “When You Lose Your Mind” (b/w “Actual Size”), displays not only their quirky sensibilities but their admirable restraint. And that opening lyric is a keeper.

||| Stream: “When You Lose Your Mind”

||| Download: “Actual Size” via RollingStone.com.

||| Live: The Royal Oui play the Hotel Cafe on Dec. 5.