Stream: Night Terrors of 1927, ‘Dust and Bones’



Night Terrors of 1927 immediately went to the head of the electro-pop class last fall, when the then-mysterious band released an achingly sweet little number “Watch the World Go Dark” and then watched while the world went crazy. Turned out the band was the songwriting collaboration of two fellows with long resumés – Jarrod Gorbel (the Honorary Title) and Blake Sennett (Rilo Kiley, the Elected). Taking their name from a journal that Gorbel’s great grandfather had left, the duo built a very good live band, wrote more songs and got signed to Atlantic, which will release their debut EP, “Guilty Pleas,” on Nov. 5. Propelled by one of those Pacific Ocean-sized “whoa-oh” choruses, the EP track “Dust and Bones” is not nearly the downer its title suggests. And the first single, “Young and Vicious,” is a pop ballad over keyboards and slippery electronics. Even in an indie world teeming with synth-fueled emo, they stand out.

||| Stream: “Dust and Bones” and “Young and Vicious”:

||| Live: Night Terrors of 1927 have the Monday night residency at the Echo in November.