Ears Wide Open: Detangler


“There are Cosby sweaters in it,” says lead vocalist Davin Givhan of the L.A.-based quartet Detangler. True as that may be of the new Mark Thornton-directed clip for “We’re Defeated,” Detangler wears its psych-rock influences and just as well. The band’s noisy, buzzing guitars and reverb-laden vocals can be heard further in songs such as “No One Was Singing Along” and “I Live To Call You Out.” Both of these songs appear on Detangler’s aptly titled “New EP,” which is the work of some familiar faces: singer-guitarist Givhan has played with Lauryn Hill, Saul Williams and the Bravery, drummer Brian Kertenian with Idaho, guitarist Mike Corwin with Correatown and Dorian Wood; and Joel O’Neill on bass. Here’s to side guys getting their time in the spotlight.

||| Stream: “No One Was Singing Along” and “I Live To Call You Out” below, or grab “New EP” in its entirety for a name-your-price fee over at Bandcamp.

Detangler_Hayley Murphy