Ears Wide Open: Mansions on the Moon



Mansions on the Moon’s electro-pop is so sleek you can almost see your reflection in it. But in no way should that imply that MOTM’s new EP “Full Moon” is as predictable, or as predictably vacuous, as much of the indie-pop elbowing for room in the marketplace. The five songs from the quartet of Ted Wendler, Ben Hazlegrove, Lane Shaw and Jeff “Baby Jeff” Maccora are, skeletally, bass-driven acoustic pop songs on which they sprinkle electronic embellishments – none applied in a heavy-handed manner. Whilst the dudes layer their vocals in the upper registers, guests Zee Avi and Codi Caraco (Frank + Derol) lends their voices, the former on the delightfully disco-lite “Heart of the Moment.” Fans of the more sophisticated moments of the ’80s should sign on.

||| Stream: “Heart of the Moment” (featuring Zee Avi)

||| Download: “Full Moon” on Bandcamp on a name-your-price basis.

||| Also: After the jump, watch the video for “It’s Not Too Late”: