Stream: Miracle Days, ‘No Place’



Back in January 2012, we introduced Miracle Days, the indie-pop collaboration between Edson Choi and Dre Babinski, both whom played in the now-defunct Dusty Rhodes & the River Band. They had made some recordings the previous fall in Dr. Dog’s Philadelphia studio and an album release seemed imminent. But the recordings needed tweaking and possible business dealings materialized and Choi and Babinski busied themselves with other projects – Choi fronting Warships and releasing a fine EP, and Babinski (most recently) playing in Hunter Hunted – so the album remained shelved until this month. Now the aptly titled “Something for the Weight” is out, the duo having self-released (Origami and Vacation have the vinyl). It’s an endearing collection of folk- and jazz-inflected jewels that sees the pair trading off vocals and instruments (including Babinski on violin, her weapon of choice and the one she wielded touring with Jarrod Gorbel). Something for the weight, and something for the wait.

||| Stream: Miracle Days, “No Place”

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