Ears Wide Open: Mirror Days


Mirror Days

Here’s another one for you Sarah Records fans. Mirror Days, the new solo project of Graham Harrington, has just the right jangle, just the right amount of melancholy in his vocals and just enough reverb in his dreamy compositions. After his move from Detroit, Harrington quickly became involved in Los Angeles bands Rainbow Blanket, Sceneries and Jules & Verne, but Mirror Days brings out that baritone of his, so much a listener will be reminded of a lower-register Bobby Wratten of the Field Mice. Mirror Days won’t have any trouble pulling in fans of Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, Kisses and Dream Boys. Songs like “Time Will Tell” off his “Hearts & Heading Home” EP feature warm, hazy rounds of his vocals while newer songs like his latest single “Victim” feature the intricacies of his guitar work. On the way to his forthcoming album – slated for a late 2013 release – Harrington has recruited Kyle Carie (Grizzly Fight), Justin Cefai (XOLO) and Jesse Wilson (Jules & Verne) to round out Mirror Days’ sound.

||| Download: “Victim” and “Time Will Tell”

||| More: Grab Mirror Days’ “Hearts & Heading Home” EP in its entirety over at Soundcloud.