Video premiere: Little Lonely, ‘Penny’s First Available’


Folk singer Julie Cain – aka Little Lonely – covers a lot of ground on her debut album, weaving homespun Americana, dark pop and even a little girl-group pizzazz into 11 evocative yarns that feel very much like Cain’s Middle America roots. Indeed, Cain’s bio tells us that her first gig was playing organ in a Kansas City funeral home; talk about starting at the end. The album “Little Lonely,” which came out in June, was produced by Sean Hoffman (Loch & Key, American Music Club) and features contributions from a host of players from the L.A. scene, among them Greg Eklund, Darice Bailey, Nic Chaffee, Joey Galvan and Hoffman himself. The video for “Penny’s First Available” was made by Wonder Bright on an iPhone and shot in part at the Shampoo Conspiracy in Glendale. It’s all about the makeover, right?

||| Live: Little Lonely performs Dec. 6 at the Echo Country Outpost.