Video: Tyler Lyle, ‘Werewolf’


In early 2012, we noted the arrival of Tyler Lyle, the Atlanta-bred singer-songwriter who moved to L.A. on the heels of a breakup, and, notably, the making of his gorgeous album “The Golden Age & the Silver Girl.” This spring he released the equally moving “Expatriates,” a concept EP that, often bluntly, wrestles with the stark dualities we find in ourselves, if we stop to look. Perhaps none of the EP’s five songs packs the wallop of the electro-infused “Werewolf” (interestingly, there’s a clean version for radio that could spark a debate about whether the 13-letter bomb in the chorus is necessary). Whatever, L.A. photographer/videographer Dan Monick’s video for the song takes a light approach, doing a pickup truck ride-along with Lyle’s buddies and bullies. Sweet.

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