Video: Wages, ‘Pull Through’


Science, meet art. Science and art, meet music. The video for Wages’ song “Pull Through” sprouted from songwriter Nick Campbell’s involvement with HATCH, a community of cross-discipline creatives who foster education and collaboration. “Pull Through’s” colorful, inky tale was part of the HATCH 10 installation, filmed by Yarrow Kraner along with Sean McDonald, Andy George, Colin Arndt and Alex Hornbake. The images were also used to create flashcards dispensing knowledge about physics, fluid dynamics, viscosity and chemical reactions with baking soda, vinegar, oils, dry ice and the like. Oh, and did we mention the song was gorgeous too? Campbell, who alighted in L.A. a couple of years ago, released Wages’ “Shady Chamber” EP earlier this year and is working on a full-length for 2014. If only science class came with a soundtrack.

||| Live: Wages plays Lot 1 Cafe on Saturday night.

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