Video: The Record Company, ‘Baby I’m Broken’


It’s been a rip-roaring 2013 for the Record Company, one of a handful of emerging L.A. bands seemingly hellbent on bringing vintage blues to the jaded indie masses. Chris Vos, Alex Stiff and Marc Cazorla played a ton of small shows, and some big ones, and released a follow-up EP to 2012’s “Superdead.” The new release, “Feel So Good,” is stripped-of-pretense revivalism that abides the deep emotional connections of the form. And Noel Maitland’s video for “Baby I’m Broken” takes the same simple approach: Let’s dance.

||| Live: The Record Company join the Dustbowl Revival for a big New Year’s Eve Celebration on Dec. 31 at the Mint.

||| Previously: “Baby I’m Broken,” “Feels So Good,” “This Crooked City,” “So What’cha Want,” “Superdead” EP, “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely.”

The Record Company-CP-6-1-2013a

Photo from Make Music Pasadena by Carl Pocket