Daedelus offers reward, no questions asked, for return of gear stolen (or lost) at New year’s Eve show



Monome, come home. Alfred Darlington – the experimental electro magician known as Daedelus – is offering a reward for the return, no questions asked, of his gear bag that was stolen or lost after his New Year’s Eve performance at Grand Park in downtown L.A.

Of special interest is Daedelus’ one-of-a-kind monome, a device he uses to sequence samples during his live performance. In a post on his Facebook page, he said: “Laptops and hard drives are replaceable, the data on which is (somewhat) backed up. However the monome are a little trickier, even more then their disappearance I feel like I’ve lost a connection with the 100s of shows they have been present for. I have my memories, but their wood sides surely soaked up some of the same, and probably better retained.”

He asked that anyone with information about the gear contact him via Facebook. See also his Twitter feed.

Photo by Gari Askew