Video: Wild Ones, ‘From Nothing’


At first listen, Danielle Sullivan’s vocals may seem better suited for bubblegum pop. Then you hear her sing melodies that wind around percolating synths brushing against indie rock foundations in songs by the Portland-based quintet Wild Ones, and you’re suddenly glad she’s not singing anyone’s formula. Sullivan’s melodies are peculiar but innate; any brightness that her vocals give off are also in juxtaposition with subjects that are often too morose for the pop realm. Wild Ones, whose members also include Nick Vicario, Thomas Himes, Clayton Knapp and Seve Sheldon, write together as if there’s a strong electrical current that powers them through and the result is refreshingly textured indie pop. There isn’t bombastic amo involved. There aren’t any syrup-y love letters dedicated to listeners. Despite releasing a debut album titled “Keep It Safe,” but they’ve colored their pop without staying inside the lines. “Keep It Safe” is out now via Party Damage Records. An EP of remixes done by friends (“Keep It Safe Remixed”) is also available on Soundcloud.

||| Download: “From Nothing” and their cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

||| Live: Wild Ones play Wednesday at the Bootleg with Victory and Wages.

Wild Ones_Savannah Mark

Photo by Savannah Mark