Ears Wide Open: The Echo and the Sound



This L.A.-based duo makes noise enough for four. Singer-guitarist Brian Rich and drummer Douglas Jewell slather on the menace with a heavy march of drum rolls and champagne cymbals to fill every bit of auditory space. Self-described as “gothic cantina,” the Echo and the Sound combine an aggressive mentality with blues-rock rhythms for a thick dose of fidelity. Their latest seven-song EP, “Its Execution,” is a load of dirty racket that paints an aural portrait of Saturday night’s 3 a.m. stragglers. Recorded by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) at Station House Studios in Echo Park, the EP is heavy on the distortion and attitude – it’s powerful coming out of our speakers, and leaves the impression that they’re take-no-prisoners live.

||| Stream: “Weapons of Influence”

||| Also: After the jump, watch the official video for “15 Shades of Hell” off of their debut self-titled EP:

||| Live: The Echo and the Sound play at the Viper Room on Mar. 5.

Photo by Naomi Christie